Help realise the potential of this breakout technology

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are on the precipice of rapid expansion as global revenues for the AR/VR market are projected to increase by at least 100% over the next four years.

As hardware developers make AR and VR headsets more affordable and user-friendly, startups are developing new use cases far beyond gaming – applying AR and VR to everything from marketing and advertising to medicine and healthcare to even space exploration and military training.

Further, the potential for this technology to help us understand and transform ourselves and the world around us is limitless. VR & AR can connect us and through education via immersive experiences creates awareness, and can lead the world to act on global issues.


Focus your solution on challenges the following themes:

  • Education

  • Gaming
  • Marketing
  • Heavy Industry

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  • Attendees from all backgrounds, genders, and geographies are welcome.
  • There is no age restriction to attend the hackathon. In case you are under 18, you need a signed waiver from the parent/legal guardian authorising you to attend the hackathon. The waiver form is available to download from the hackathon website.    
  • There is no country restriction, but you must be eligible to receive prizes (in case you win) and you are responsible for paying any taxes on the prize winnings.   


All projects must be submitted by 5:00 PM (AEST) Sunday 5 May 2018 to the following Github Repository under your team name: No updates can be made past this time. Following this deadline, you will then have 1 hour to prepare your 5-minute pitch.

At 6:00 PM Teams have 5 minutes to pitch their solution to the judging panel.


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Judging Criteria

  • Innovation:
    How innovative is your solution? Is it an improvement to existing systems or a breakthrough new product/service
  • Solution fit:
    Is there a real problem? Is your solution really going to solve it?
  • Feasibility:
    How likely is the project to work and be accepted by the market / community?
  • Prototype:
    What progress have the team achieved during the hack and how functional is the project?
  • Pitch:
    In the end everything comes down to how well you can see your ideas.